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Caerleon Conservation Area

Definition of Conservation Area

  • Local planning authorities are obliged to designate as conservation areas any parts of their own area that are of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

  • Local planning authorities have a duty to review past designations from time to time to determine if any further parts of their area should be conservation areas.

  • Conservation area designation introduces a general control over the demolition of unlisted buildings and provides a basis for planning policies whose objective is to conserve all aspects of character or appearance, including landscape and public spaces that define an area’s special interest.


The following is an extract from a report to th Caerleon Civic Society of a presentation given by Ms. Christian, Newport City’s Senior Planning Policy Officer.


Having defined what a Conservation Area was Ms. Christian told of how these areas are considered and how appraisals are undertaken, that it was by looking at the local architecture, street patterns and names which often give clues to past or historic activity.


Ms. Christian said that appraisals help to gain an understanding of how Caerleon has been built up from the Roman period till the present day. Special attention being given to impact of any new buildings that may, for example, spoil such views as that across the River Usk.


The Newport planning office consults with local groups such as Caerleon Civic Society to contribute to Conservation Area Appraisals. It is recognised that long-time residents often have important historic details of times past. The council is also responsible for the adoption process in the case of any changes to the Conservation Area boundary.



Designated in 1970 Caerleon is the oldest Conservation area in Newport.  A further 14 areas were designated over the period 1970-2000.

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