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© James A Sullivan 2018


Jonathan Adams, architect of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay grew up in Caerleon and attended Caerleon Comprehensive School.

The influence of the town’s environment and Wales has been very large on him and his work, whether it was the unique stonework of the Roman Amphitheater or the slate quarries of North Wales.

His early years as an architect saw him involved with both experimental and practical projects, such as the initial visitors’ and interpretation centre in Cardiff Bay.

In 1998 he began working on the Millennium Center, being inspired by cliff faces, rock formation, wood, slate and the Welsh industrial landscape. He returned to Caerleon’s Roman stone remains when he was considering the style of lettering to be used on the theatre’s facade. The words of poet Gwyneth Lewis, Greu Gwir Fel Gwydr O Ffwrnais, In These Stones Horizons Sing sum up this ‘iconic’ building, a word now being used of his Millennium Centre.

Since that project Mr. Adams has worked on the University of Cornwall campus, the Sherman Theatre, the new WJEC building on Western Avenue and a Dementia Care residential village in Carmarthenshire.



Caerleon Civic Society Elected Officers 2024

Chair: Chris Thomas

Vice Chair:

Minute secretary: Sheila Basford

Treasurer: Richard Martin

Planning: Sheila Basford

Membership: Catherine Philpott

Website admin: Salli Morris

Website editors: Chris Thomas; Catherine Philpott

Facebook admin: Catherine Philpott

Introducing new Chair Chris Thomas.


Chris has lived in the Caerleon area, with his family, for over 35 years.

His working career was in town planning and housing for local government, in London and Newport.


After early retirement from full-time work, he has enjoyed a number of voluntary opportunities including serving as a Community Councillor and being a Board Member of Bron Afon Community Mutual Housing Association for 7 years, and, more recently, being involved with the Caerleon Arts Festival and Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery.


His recent involvement with Caerleon Civic Society has focussed on helping to develop the Society’s response to the Campus planning application.

Chris’s interests include watching rugby, reading biographies and memoirs, politics and history and being a grandparent.

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In memory of Mike Singleton 1950-2018


Having been a member of Caerleon Civic Society for some years Mike was elected as Chair in 2013 following on from John Daniels.

He cared greatly for Caerleon and all it stood for both historically & geographically. Mike was most concerned with how growth and development impacted on the town and was ever energetic in keeping a watchful eye on these matters.


Will be sadly missed.

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In memory of Norman Stevens 1933-2016

One of Caerleon Civic Society’s founder members who was always present to guide and advise with his vast background knowledge of all things ‘Caerleon’ and even generously gave financial support when needed. .

His knowledge of Caerleon, as an historical Roman town, was unsurpassed, demonstrated by his many books on the town. These form a major part of his legacy to the residents of Caerleon and the Civic Society.

To sum up – an author, raconteur and highly regarded within the local community and known for having a wonderful sense of humour.

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