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Caerleon Civic Society is grateful for all the help given to it from local businesses, in particular donations to keep the website running, displaying posters, help and advice - it is very much appreciated.

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 Caerleon Civic Society supports the Caerleon Festival.

“The Caerleon Festival is a non-commercial community enterprise celebrating the arts and entertaining people throughout the year – the highlight being the annual Summer Festival.  It is also a celebration of the ancient “city” of Caerleon – a “city” steeped in history, mystery and legend – Roman fortress complete with Amphitheatre, Baths and Barracks; site of a medieval castle where Owain Glyndwr

raised his standard; site of King Arthur’s Camelot? On the banks of the mighty River Usk whose tidal ebb and flow inspired Alfred Lord Tennyson to write “Idylls of the King”. It is therefore fitting that the Festival is also committed to improvingCaerleon as a desirable village for both residents and visitors alike.”

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