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Community Response


A few of the observations/comments made on Facebook’s Caerleon Civic Society & other Community pages following the Society’s posting headed POLLUTION CONCERN – see link


  • Ban HGV’s and Counsell cement lorries et al. Re-route via Pontir to the dual carriageway.Afternoon school buses at The Fosse ... can they reduce the amount of time their engines are left running while parked ?


  • Excellent question. Also the number of cars of presumably parents who park in and around Coldbath Rd who also have their engines running. Why?


  • Bring back the lollipop lady outside Charles Williams School. It’s really difficult to get past that particular zebra crossing, which then causes a lot of congestion in that area.


  • Stop taking so many pupils from out of catchment.


  • Use public transport that will reduce the number of vehicles

  • Ha ha waiting for a bus to turn up in anthony drive is like waiting for christmas. Lucky to get 1 every 50 mins if they on time.

  • Public transport is very poor indeed in and around Caerleon

  • Agree - need for greater investment in all areas of public transportation

  • HGV's the rules state should be coming into Caerleon for access only not as through traffic That regulation needs to be enforced and currently isn't. A period of intensive monitoring and enforcement including fines woul be a start.There will be other initiatives some mentiined in this thread whi h would also help. However there needs to be more of a commitment from NCC and the Welsh Government to find a resolution which inevitably will cost money thereby lies the big problem!! Meantime all the evidence a bout this kind of pollution causing serious health problems continues to mount.


  • My son suffers from serious asthma. It has been better since we have moved from the village to lodge. Watching UK news, especially about the recent tragic death of a child in London linked to pollution spikes. The government surely had to act when the health of our children is at risk. Lots of things to consider in South Wales, especially when you think the hill down into Crumlin is one of the worst traffic polluted streets in EUROPE! Time to realise the danger traffic pollution presents


  • All the cars taking kids to school create a lot of toxic emissions.Walk to school equals less emissions......da!


  • Getting the bin and recycling vans not to do the main village at rush hour would be helpful and help reduce congestion. It’s only one day a week but Wednesday get especially clogged in the mornings, concentrating traffic and therefore pollution.

  • I totally agree that action needs to happen asap, but apart from building a new bridge over the river (or even 2 new bridges) I can't see a solution.


  • We walk my 3 year up Ponthir Road to school and the traffic is madness! Widening of the path from forge close would be amazing! Don’t know how people cope with a pushchair/pram and small child on the bit with the bushes

  • Also the speed that traffic go down Mill St is amazing considering it should be 20 miles an hour. If we only had a speed camera it would stop motorist using Caerleon as a rat run from Cwmbran to the Motorway.



100D2127-003 (1).JPG



In response to these comments Chair, Chris Thomas wrote on behalf of CCS:


The Civic Society treats this issue very seriously and, although we are not in a position to make any improvements, let alone investments, we will do our utmost to influence those bodies that make the key decisions about our community - that is, Newport City Council and Welsh Assembly Government.

In the near future, Newport has stated that it intends to consult widely on a report about a ‘sustainable travel plan’ for the city. This will cover such issues as improving air quality, reducing noise pollution, supporting and encouraging active travel and reducing carbon emissions. The Caerleon Civic Society is committed to respond fully to this report, when it is published .


Please join us and make our voices heard - for the good of our community in Caerleon.

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